Bali Kintamani Tour - Full Day Natural Vulcano Tour

Bali Kintamani Tour is a full day tour package and it's the natural beauty of the active Volcano Tour also the best full day tour package in Bali to visit Kintamani Village with an active volcano view and batur lake from above. Mount Batur, Volcano and lakes form Kintamani Village, In addition to seeing the volcano, also kintamani tour will visit other interesting tourist destination destinations that we can visit during this trip you explore these amazing islands. Kintamani tour will visit places of interest in Bali such as Barong Dance and Keris Dance or Trance Dance is a traditional Balinese dance with Good and Evil fighting stories, then visit Celuk Village to see the traditional gold and silver artwork process, and then continue to see the Village Rocks to see the process of making traditional painting in this village.

Afterwards we went to Kintamani to see the natural scenery of Mount Batur active and the view of Lake Batur. After finished admiring the beautiful scenery of the volcano we will have lunch at Kintamani with a view of volcano of batur volcano and batur lake from restaurant, After lunch tour Kintamani continue to visit Tampak siring, then tour continue to visit Goa Gajah Temple or cave temple located petulu village after finished exploring the caves of the elephant cave we will return to the hotel with Kintamani Kenang mountain batur, and lake batur. Enjoy this Kintamani Tour Package with your professional and experienced tour guide during your holiday in Bali.

Point of interest will be visit during the Full Day Bali Kintamani Tour :
Tohpati Village (to see famous batik factory)

The work of batik can be found in Tohpati Village, East Denpasar. In recent years, Tohpati Village has become a cultural tourism destination that attracts local and foreign tourists with a focus on batik as local wisdom. Tourists not only interested to buy Batik of Tohpati production. Not a few who want to learn directly how to make batik.

The beauty of the Island of the Gods, not only stunning through the landscape stretching beaches with white sand. However, the beauty of 'the lost paradise' can also be lived through the hand scratches embodied in a piece of batik work.

Batubulan Village (Barong & Kris Dance Perfomance)
Barong Dance is a traditional dance performed daily in five different stages in this countryside such as Puseh Temple Stage, Tegal Guest Stage, Stage Path, Stage Sahadewa and Sila Budaya Stage. In addition, this attraction is very potential to grow the economic sector of local communities. Also, Batubulan Village includes some traditional arts such as dance, Kerawitan art, idols of art and art articles.
Celuk Village (Gold & Silver Smith)

The village of Ubud Celuk is a traditional village for outstanding gold and silver crafts. Already a silver village since 1976, located not so far from Ubud Village, the people in this Celuk village are highly skilled in designing the world-famous silver art with quality art and really reasonable prices.

Our second visit during a full day of ubud tour, we will visit one of the finest art spots to see the process of making gold and silver artwork, in addition to this place also offers designs on request.

Batuan Village (Art Painting)

Ubud Batuan Village is a traditional village in Bali, located not far from Ubud village. In this village is a famous traditional art painting with reasonable price and really beautiful artwork. The third visit during a full day of ubud tourism is to visit the Batuan village to see the process of making traditional paintings and view their collections.

The Batuan village has always been a magnet for them such as art, traditional painting styles in the often dark rocks, bustling representations of scenes or legendary theme of daily life -day, monsters of strange animals, and witches greet people.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace (the most beautiful rice terrace)

Ubud Tegalalang Rice Terrace is a famous tourist attraction for beautiful rice paddies, Ubud scenic rice field temple tours or lunch at the restaurant while enjoying the beautiful scenery of terraced rice fields. Ubud Tegalalang Rice Terrace is one of the tourist icon in Ubud Bali.

Ubud tegalalang rice terraces are beautifully designed with beautiful rice fields and right on the cliffs of the hills. In this place, you will see Balinese farmers doing their fields in slopes complete with irrigation system.

Kintamani Village (Panorama of Volcano Mount Batur & Batur Lake)

Kintamani is a very unique and fascinating mountain tourist attraction, with cool air conditions during the day and cool at night. In this place we will see amazing panorama view of Mount Batur and Batur Lake. Mount Batur is one of the most active volcanoes on the island of Bali. Mount Batur is also the second highest mountain, after Mount Agung is located in Besakih tourist attraction area. 

Batur lake is located on the slope of Mount Batur. Crescent-shaped lake if viewed from a height, besides Batur lake is also called as the most beautiful caldera in the world by most foreign tourists.

Tampak Siring (Tirta Empul Temple)
The temple of Tirtha Empul is a Hindu Temple located in a valley between two hills with large springs and sacred by the locals as a place to melt all the bad influences in the body and purify the soul and mind. The temple of Tirtha Empul or better known as Tampak Siring Temple or Temple of the Sacred Water is located in the tampaksiring village of gianyar regency about 39 km east of the city of denpasar. The location is very strategically next to the main road to kintamani. a place to purify ourselves from bad influences.
Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)
Goa Gajah is an artificial cave that functions like a place of worship in antiquity. This cave is located in Bedulu Village, Blahbatu District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. The distance is about 27 km from Denpasar. UNESCO records this cave as a world heritage. Goa Gajah Complex consists of 2 main parts, the northern complex is the legacy of the teachings of Shiva, with evidence of statues of Trilingga and Ganesha in the cave, is where Hindus worship. in the southern of Goa Gajah is Tukad Pangkung area, in the form of Buddha stupa in Dhyani Buddha Amitabha which stacked 13 stupa and 3 stupa branched carved big statue.

Itinerary :

07.30 : Pick up at hotel
08.45 : Visit Tohpati Village to see famous batik factory of Bali painstakingly created by hand
09.30 : Watching Barong & Kris Dance performance
10.45 : Visit Celuk Village (Gold & Silver smith)
11.45 : Visit Batuan Village (art painting & their house compound)
13.00 : Visit Tegalalang (the most beautiful rice terrace)
14.00 : Visit Kintamani Village to see beautifull panorama of Volcano mt. batur & batur lake
14.15 : Enjoy lunch at Kintamani
15.45 : Visit Tirta Empul Temple
16.45 : Visit Goa Gajah Temple
17.30 : Drop back to hotel

Included :

  • Private car
  • Petrol
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Parking Fee

Tour Price :

  • USD 45 /car (max 1 – 6 person)
  • USD 75 /minibus (max 1 – 12 person)