Bali Cremation & City Tour

The culture of Bali is really unique in that people practice a form of Hindisme that combines traditional Hindu belief with Buddhism and local animist religions and you can see a lot of ceremonies that seem to go on everyday. One of the most importand ritual in Balinese culture is without a doult the cremation ceremony, known as "ngaben".

The name comes from the word " ngabuin" meaning turn to ash. This ceremonies is incredibly importand to Balinese people, as it represent the spirit being released from the decoasedis body, ths allowing them to either reincarnate or find final rest in "moksha". Letus take a closen look at a balinese creamation and importance in the local culture.

Bali creamation and city tour is one of the exiciting and unique tour exclusively designed to visit the ngaben ceremony, the unique procession of burial in Bali held by balinese Hindu people, Bali cremation and city tour will encourage you to see directly the procession of combustion/obsequies of dead body in Bali with unique ritual procession that you never seen. Mean while Ngaben ceremony or creamation ceremony is one of the famous Balinese Hindu ceremonies.

Point of interest will be visit during the Full Day Bali Cremation and City Tour :
Bajra Sandhi Monument (Renon)
Bajra Sandhi Monument is a monument to the struggles of the Balinese people throughout history. The monument is located in front of the Bali Governor's Office in Denpasar, Indonesia, on the island of Bali. Coordinates: 8°40′18″S 115°14′2″E The monument was built in 1987, inaugurated by president Megawati Sukarnoputri on June 14, 2003.
Ngaben/Creamation Point
Your will see the Ngaben/Cremation ceremony procession where the group of local people (Banjar Society) taken the dead body and put on the ‘Wadah’ (the place to put the dead body which is decorated with the beautiful ornaments) and carry on the shoulder together to bring it to the funeral. The dead body will be burned or buried (depend on the local society role) to unite the soul to heaven and bring back all element of human being body to nature
Campuhan Windhu Segara Temple

Pura Campuhan Windhu Segara is located in Padang Galak (north of Sanur), Kesiman, East Denpasar, Bali. The word "campuhan" in Balinese means mixing or meeting. This temple is situated on the edge of the estuary which is a mixing or meeting between the Yeh Ayung River and the edge of Padang Galak Beach.

This temple became a destination for spiritual lovers to pray, melukat (purification), and other ceremony such as Ngangkid and Nyegara Gunung. People will come wearing traditional costumes and bring the offerings (pejati) for praying.

The temple is quite shady, shrouded in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. There are several shrines such as Pelinggih Dewa Baruna (Kanjeng Ratu), Padmasana, Dewi Durga, Siwa-Buddha, Dewi Kwam Im, and more other.

Kumbasari Local Market

The Kumbasari Art Market is one of Denpasar’s main icons, located right across the Badung River, opposite the Badung Market. The market is a primary source of arts and handicrafts, products chiefly coming from the island’s various art producing communities, the likes of Ubud and the central Bali highlands, while also featuring galleries of onsite painters and craftsmen.

Like the Badung Market, Kumbasari is one of the island’s oldest, open since the late 70s. Its four levels are home to over 200 kiosks and well over a thousand stalls. Haggling is accepted throughout, even though most vendors have commonly labelled their items with fixed price tags over the years. Larger shop owners can speak English, and can arrange deals for shipment and packaging. 

Itinerary :

08.30: Pick up at the hotel 

09.30: Visit bajra sandhi monument

10.30: Visit creamation / obsequies procession

11.30: Encort the dead body to cementery 

12.15: Lunch time at local restaurant 

14.00: Visit campuhan windhu segara temple

15.30: Visit kumbasari local market

16.30: Back to hotel

Included :

  • Private car
  • Petrol
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Parking Fee

Tour Price :

  • USD 70/ pax (adult)

  • USD 65 / pax (child 7-12 years old )

  • Minimum 2 person