The Tradition of Balinese People Daily Life & Farming Tour

Balinese life is really amazing. It won't say that it is an easy life perse, what with the countless ceremonies that balinese have, and it would take a lifetime to tell you all about the people do here in Bali. But to give you a glimpse into balinese lives and the meaning behind some of our beliefs and traditions, here are some interesting fact for you.

Some highlight about balinese beliefs and tradition :

- The balinese believe that every child was born into this world is accompamied by four quardian angel. Called 'CATUR SANAK' these four angel are said years old.

- The Balinese celebrate their Balinese birthday twice a years base on astrological calculation repeated every six months.

So basically there are three celebration for Balinese each year, their birthday ( base on their birth date ) and two balinese birthday ( Otonan ).

- Every Balinese must undertake a tooth filling ceremony to welcome adulthood, our beliefs that the ceremony helps one to become stronger both physically and metally. It is crucial for mitigating one's ' evil side '.

- desire ( kama ), greed ( lobha ), anger ( krodha ) or being under the influence of strong emotion ( mada ), confusion ( moha ) and jealousy ( matsarya . 

The Balinese have their own version of feng shui called " Asta kosala kosali " the minimum area of land necessary to aply the asta kosala kosali architectural rule to a house is 200 square meters

The Balinese are known for their advanced irrigation system called subak. Wich is a reflections of the " Tri Hita Karana " philosophy of maintaining a harmonies relationship with god, other people and nature.

-in general there are  three types of traditional Balinese dances.

* wali dance are sacred dance that can only be performed during a Balinese traditional ceremony. Because these dance is part of the ceremony if self ( one example : Sang Hyang Dedari dance )

* Babali dances are also performed during a ceremony but the purpose is more to entertain the people involved in the ceremony, ( one example : Gambuh on Balinese Opera )

* The Sang Hyang Dedari dance can only be performed by young vingins. it is believed that the girls who perform it are in a terance throughout the dance.

- Every Balinese new year, Balinese celebrate Nyepi ( slient day ) the day is spent praying and meditating at home with four rules to obey: 

* Amati geni ( no light on fire ), Amati karya ( no working ), Amati lelungaan ( no travelling ), and Amati lelaguan ( no food for 24 hours ).

- The Balinese believe that the color red, white and black symbolize of the holy spirit of god and also represent the idea of our presence in this word. Red represent creation, black represents represenvation, and white represents balance. The combination of these colors is called "Tri datu".

- there are nine temple that guard the island based on the point of a compass.


those temples are ; Batur temple ( north ), Besakih temple ( northeast ), Lempuyang temple ( east ), Andakasa temple (southeast), Gua Lawah temple ( south ), Uluwatu temple ( southwest ) Batukaru temple ( west ), and puncak mangu temple ( northweast ). representing the center is the pusering jagat temple ( middle ).

there are many other interesting thing that you can only find in Bali snd the way for you to learn more is by spending time exploring the island. 

do you want to know deeply and want to mingle, participate in the real people of Bali?

we offer featuring unique culture, tradition and the real social life style of Balinese people :

this is unique activities to visit Balinese village, traditional Bali life and Farming.

Activities ( program details ):

- visit elementary school and interaction with the kids

- welcoming by barong dance and offering, get flower.

- visit family temple and get holy bracolet

- trekking in the rice field

- look and try Balinese activities like making satay, Balinese dessert, canang sari, cook fighting, making coconut oil, and Balinese coffee.

- traditional farming with cow until planting rice.

lunch with Balinese dance and music instrument.

look painting with organic colour.

- tour package price

  USD 60/person ( adult )

  USD 25/person ( cild 7-12 years old )

    ( minimum 2 person )

- Tour package price included :

  - private CAR ( Full AC )

  - Profesional English Speaking driver.

  - Petrol

  - Mineral water .

  - Entrance ticket for activities

  - Lunch.

 What need to buying :

- personal changes

- watersport shoes or rubber slipers.

- sun cream

- mosquito lotion

- towel.


pick up time 08.30